Himalayan and Crystal Bath Salts

Himalayan Pink Bath Salts

Available in 1/4 lb., 1 lb., 5 lb. and
20 lb. bag sizes

It’s the minerals! Try a natural bath soak with all the wonderful minerals and trace elements from the salt and Himalayan Pink Bath Salts™ are unprocessed and unrefined to bathe the skin with healing minerals.

The environment is everything! Anything can be absorbed through the skin – if you do not believe this, just place a small piece of fresh garlic in your shoe and see how quickly you taste it! As the largest organ in the body, your skin requires maintenance to remain healthy and vibrant. The skin helps regulate temperature and plays a major role in elimination through perspiration.

Traditional beliefs are that the toxins in the body can be drawn out through the skin as long as the pH is right and the salinity is high enough. Unprocessed Himalayan salts do not dry out the skin. Actually, it is overexposure to the sun and wind, and the use of harsh soaps which damages the skin. Himalayan Pink Bath Sea Salts™ help promote softer and healthier skin due to their abundant minerals…and without using additional soap!

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