French Sea Salts

Natural, unprocessed, preservative and additive free, our Crystal Coarse Sea Salts are traditionally harvested in the most pristine coastal regions of France (Ancient Celtic Sea).  The unique farming methods of the Plaudier (salt farmer) capture the powerful blend of the ocean’s vital minerals by using only the sun and the wind to produce the exceptional quality and celebrated taste you deserve!

Salt is ground for convenience and ready to use. Sprinkle in cooking and on food to reach desired taste!

Nature’s Cargo Sea Salt Partial Analysis: Chloride 50.6 %, Sodium 35.5 %, Magnesium .429 %, Calcium .3159 %, Strontium .00864 %, Copper .000525 %, Selenium .00029 %, Manganese .00017 %

Nature’s Cargo Crystal Sea Salt is the authentic, natural, unrefined and unprocessed salt of ancient times – use it for it’s goodness, love it for it’s taste!

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